"How Will Google Interpret Links to URLs Ending with a Campaign Tag?"

Matt Cutts shares Google's SEO considerations on URLs in regard to URL parameters in their query string.

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 How will Google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag?

Matt Cutts from Google discusses how Google might consider URLs with parameters passed in the query string compared to their root URL.

So what exactly is the impact of URL parameters on Google's considering their base URL?

"Will google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag like www.example.com/?hl=en as a link to www.example.com or to a completely different page? What about the SEO effect of inbound links?"

Find the answer below.

So the Crawl Team—the team that really does the core indexing—they do a great job of canonicalizing, which is picking from different URLs and combining them together in the right way.

So if you're using sort of standard URL endings—URL parameter tags, tracking tags, stuff like that—oftentimes we'll be able to detect that those are the same page and they should really be combined in some way.

If that's not the case, we'd like to talk about the the KISS rule—the "Keep It Simple Stupid" rule.

If you don't trust a search engine to get it right, you do have a lot of different options:

So if you do use something unstandard or you see it had been an issue—may be you see, you know, the URL showing up twice in Google search results—that is something where I'd recommend checking out our URL parameter tool, or considering using rel="canonical" or a 301 redirect.

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